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Workforce Development

As the world transitions to full electrification, there is a growing need for a qualified workforce in the energy and manufacturing sectors. One key role of the Michigan State University IAC (Industrial Assessment Center) is to promote skills and professional experience in these areas. The MSU IAC provides many training and educational opportunities for students, with the goal of training the next generation of energy engineers that help to lead decarbonization efforts in Michigan and beyond.

students using equipment on roof

Leadership Opportunities
Undergraduate and graduate students who are employed through the IAC have many opportunities to improve their leadership skills, including through leading assessments and assessment reports, client outreach, and leadership in sub-teams focused topics such as equipment management, research, database management, and student recruitment. Second-year IAC students also serve as mentors to newer IAC students.

Students at the IAC, from MSU, MTU, and HFC, are provided with training in energy efficiency identification, energy equipment, energy consuming processes, energy data analysis, among others. This includes weekly team meetings and training, as well as for-credit courses on campus. Senior-level students also participate in leading training activities.
Hands-on Experience
The IAC allows students opportunities to gain hands on experience with writing reports, energy savings equations and calculations, and working with companies directly. Students participate in multiple assessments per semester and many in the summer, giving them hands-on experience in all aspects of the assessment process, from client outreach, pre-assessment and kick-off meetings, on-site assessment, report writing, and final assessment recommendation presentations. This is accomplished through hybrid, in-person, and remote collaboration across students/faculty/staff and client teams.