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National Cybersecurity Strategy

In March 2023, the Biden Administration released information regarding relevant national cybersecurity measures. Some of the key points and information included in the document are as follows.

Cybersecurity is a national security priority: The National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 outlines the importance of cybersecurity as a national security priority and highlights the need for a whole-of-government approach to addressing cybersecurity threats.

Goals and objectives: The document outlines five key goals and objectives to improve national cybersecurity, including protecting critical infrastructure, securing federal networks, building a more secure and resilient internet, improving the cybersecurity workforce, and promoting responsible behavior in cyberspace.

Collaboration and partnerships: The strategy emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships with the private sector, international partners, and other stakeholders to improve cybersecurity.

Emerging technologies: The document highlights the importance of addressing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure that cybersecurity remains effective in the face of new threats.

Cybersecurity workforce: The strategy includes a focus on developing a skilled cybersecurity workforce and promoting diversity in the field.

Transparency and accountability: The document emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in cybersecurity, including improving incident reporting and response, promoting responsible vulnerability disclosure, and enhancing supply chain security.

Overall, the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 outlines a comprehensive approach to improving national cybersecurity and highlights the need for collaboration, innovation, and partnership to address the evolving threats and challenges in cyberspace.